Caitlin Rose – “Whatchoo” (Official Video)

Back in 2010, Caitlin Rose released her debut album Own Side Now, a critically acclaimed blend of classic country with accessible pop sensibilities laden with brilliant lyricism. Now, ten plus years on, she’s announced an anniversary re-issue of the album that comes coupled with a bonus 7″ featuring two new tracks.

One such track is “Whatchoo” – a b-side that we captured on WOTT Music back in July of 2020. We absolutely loved the track then and have a hard time understanding how it could ever have been considered a b-side! Regardless, it’s exciting that the track found a permanent place in the world as part of this reissue. The accompanying karaoke style video from Sarah Goldstein is a calming bit of VHS warping paired with some sing-along lyrics.

If you haven’t heard it, give Own Side Now a listen and consider ordering one of the vinyl packages. Oh, and follow Ms. Rose on the socials, you certainly don’t want to miss out on any future announcements.

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