BeHoward & FU Stan – “Dope Boy” (Official Video)

Collaboration has always been King when it comes to hip-hop. The earliest days of the genre established sampling as an extremely valid form of creation and no other genre has been more open to “featuring” like-minded artists on one another’s tracks. Lately Nashville’s been seeing these types of collab’s taken to the next level. The latest from BeHoward and FU Stan, entitled “Dope Boy“, finds the two talented emcees not only working on a track together but an entire short film.

“Dope Boy” as a standalone track is a deep bass extravaganza that gives plenty of room for both BeHoward and FU Stan to shine on their individual verses. It’s an enjoyable listen that takes on entirely different meaning when paired with the official video, in which BeHoward and FU Stan portray Claude and Ray, two elderly gentleman looking to make a buck off a bottle of pills. They stumbled their way through a possible exchange before completely botching a sympathy purchase by over-asking on the price of the goods. No description of the piece could do it justice as the absurd acting and improvised exchanges between the two just simply must be seen to be understood. The duo’s ineptitude undermines the lyrics of the track which are primarily aimed at the cunning lifestyle of a dealer. Claude and Ray are anything but cunning.

It’s unclear if the track was meant to be satire paired with the video but, regardless, it’s a brilliant turn of play made even more impressive by how ridiculously enjoyable the characters are. As luck would have it, this isn’t a one off track. There is a full release between BeHoward and FU Stan looming on the horizon in the form of a Claude and Ray EP. If we’re lucky, there will be more videos following all sorts of additional bumbling misadventures. BeHoward and FU Stan are setting a new bar on what collaboration looks like.

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