Volume 125: 2018 Highlights

In this edition of the podcast we continue the work that was started in part one by highlighting a selection of music released during 2018. Quite intentionally, we aren’t calling this a Best Of because there’s simply too much music released in a calendar year to confidently make such a declaration. Furthermore, who’s to say what’s the BEST of anything? All this music is great, much of it for very different reasons.

Regardless of the rationale behind the title, this hour plus of music documents some of the enjoyable songs that came across our desk. We couldn’t include everything we loved but we feel good about those that we’ve shared here. Please use this as a jumping off point to discover even more music by all these wonderful bands.

Rainsticks – “Gainer Ridge”

Western Medication – “Devils Sing”

Quichenight – “Marijuana User”

Jeff the Brotherhood – “Camel Swallowed Whole”

Makeup and Vanity Set – “With My Bare Hands”

Yon Ort – “What You Feel”

Meth Dad – “Bones”

Eve Maret – “Many Moons”

You Drive – “New”

Dancers – “Flight 74”

Katy Kirby – “Tap Twice”

Jordan Lehning – “Can I Give You a Call”

Patzy – “Black Bangs”

Pangs – “Someplace”

Peter Stringer-Hye – “Silly Faces”

Doomfolk Starter Kit – “Kristofferson / Star Stuff”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

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