Volume 124: 2018 Highlights

For this episode we highlight some of the great music released by Nashville area artists during the year of 2018. Unfortunately, we couldn’t come close to including every great song that we encountered. So, we’ll be stretching this out into a Part Two to be released shortly. Even then, we still can’t fit them all. Nashville is a rich landscape of music with a wide variety of offerings; summarizing a full year’s worth of them into listenable nuggets is no easy task. As such, here some highlights from the past year.

To be clear, we don’t consider this a Best Of episode because there’s no way we heard everything that came out during the year and ranking artists just feels.. somewhat dirty! All of the songs included here stem from albums well worth a deeper listen and no release is better than another, just different.

Thank you to every single artist that release music during the past year.

Zook – “What’s It To You”

Lonely Benson – “Strawberry Afternoons”

Basic Printer – “Good Weird”

Dave Paulson – “Don’t Let It Get You Down”

Joe Pisapia – “Feels So Good To Be Understood”

Creamer – “Ride or Die”

Sad Baxter – “Believe Me”

Peachy – “DIY”

Z – “456”

Charlie & The Evil Mothers – “Strings”

Rales – “Windsor Pl”

tape deck mountain – “Elephant”

Panda Park – “Burner Phone”

Crease Reader – “Full Sun Prism Blues”

Jasmin Kaset & Quichenight – “Things I Wanted”

Dialup Ghost – “If You Want to Die”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

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