Volume 117

FACT: I recorded this the evening before a work trip to India (believe it or not, my day job is not running the commercial-free WOTT podcast network. At least, not yet). So, it’s a bit of a rush. Despite the questionable narration, the music of our region continues to stretch and fill unexpected spaces. Lots of great new music in this episode from recent releases and a tiny little bit of education on the impressive discography of Lambchop.

PANGS – ‘Someplace’

Hikko Mori – ‘Peace is Pessimism’

JEFF the Brotherhood – ‘Parachute’

Microwave Mountain – ‘Electric Boogie’

TTOTALS – ‘You Walked In’

So Very! – ‘Vern’s Taproot’

Lambchop – ‘Your Fucking Sunny Day’

Lambchop – ‘NIV’

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music
Cover image: Asher Horton / Rainsticks

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