Volume 116

After last edition’s cover song extravaganza, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming of featuring new and notable local releases. We’re hitting the time of year when releases are coming hot and heavy; it’s tough to keep up with sometimes but that’s the best problem to have.

Herein, we learn what a Corinthian Leather is and I share a personal anecdote that turns into gushing praise for a band.

Rainsticks – ‘Sitars and Saffron’

Corinthian Leather – ‘Global Warming’

Crease Reader – ‘Full Sun Prism Blues’

Eve Maret – ‘Sound of Space Between’

Meth Dad – ‘Fade Away’

Basic Printer – ‘Good Weird’

Charlie Abbott – ‘I’m Dead!’

Panda Park – ‘Burner Phone’

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music
Cover image: Asher Horton / Rainsticks

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