257: Versatility & Adaptability with Negro Justice

The one and only Negro Justice joins us on this episode to talk about some of his favorite Nashville hip-hop artists, potential collaborators and loads of folks that inspire his work. It’s fifteen tracks all curated by our guest and we don’t shy away from talking about what makes Nashville hip-hop exactly so unique. We may not have the immediately identifiable sound like New Orleans or Houston but we’ve got versatility and adaptability in spades. Many thanks to Negro Justice for joining us, it was certainly a blast.

We always recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. That said, go follow Namir Blade, FU Stan, Gee Slab, Ron Obasi, Quez Cantrell, Ryanne, Cal Cuttah, Daisha McBride, BeHoward, Burm, Chuck Indigo, Brian Brown and Chan Tate.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Namir Blade
“The Holy Mountain”

FU Stan
“Beat the Odds”

Gee Slab
“Play the Back”

Ron Obasi X Elements
“Dreamer SZN”

Quez Cantrell
“Lift My Spirit’s”

Negro Justice And Gee Slab
“Mr Wonderful”

Namir Blade & L’Orange
“Gassed Up”

Gee Slab
“Three Dollars”


Negro Justice
“Dual Katanas”

Daisha McBride
“Get Ugly”

Negro Justice And Gee Slab
“Minnesota (feat Chan Tate)”

BeHoward And FU Stan
“Dope Boy”

Burm, Chuck Indigo And Ron Obasi
“Lordy Lordy”

Brian Brown
“Come On In”

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