258: The Music Is Great, The Talking Is Weird

Huge thanks to Lance Conzett and Negro Justice for bringing their guest hosting skills to the last two episodes while I was out on Summer Break. It’s good to be back but I’m a little rusty! Trust me, you can tell! The music in this episode is fifteen tracks culled from the massive influx of new music released during my time away from the Inbox. There’s tons more where this came from and you should expect to hear it in future episodes.

We always recommend you keep up each artist for more news and announcements directly from them. With that in mind, go follow FU Stan, Nordista Freeze, Trash Man, Gee Slab, Future Crib, The Ragcoats, Virghost, Cookie Jar, New Bang, Soft Robot, Wilby, Bendrix Littleton, Kentucky Derby Con Man, Ross McReynolds & Juan Solorzano and Rich Ruth.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

FU Stan
“Say It Louder”

Nordista Freeze
“First Time”

Trash Man
“When You Die”

Gee Slab
“Younng Blvck Gifted”

Future Crib
“Most Likely Never Going to Die”

The Ragcoats
“She Don’t Buy It”

“Biggie Freestyle”

Cookie Jar
“Colorful Graffiti”

New Bang
“Mystic Grind”

Soft Robot
“Charley Horse”

“translucent beauty”

Bendrix Littleton
“Deep Dark South”

Kentucky Derby Con Man

Ross McReynolds And Juan Solorzano
“Where Have You Been”

Rich Ruth
“It’s the Water”

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