153: A Jaguar’s Growl

After an outpouring of thanks to Tristen for spending time with us on the previous episode we dive headfirst into a batch of diverse local music. One track may even contain a sample of a jaguar’s growl, a treat that I can’t begin to express my utmost appreciation for.

We hear from Thelma and the Sleaze, Gram Ash, Okey Dokey with Harpooner, Cave Mode Shake, The Mad Gear, Levi J. Miller, Diatom Deli and The Cosmic Collective. It’s a wide range of sounds and I’m pretty sure you’re gonna enjoy it.

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Thelma And The Sleaze – “Pain”

Gram Ash – “Jealousy”

Okey Dokey And Harpooner – “Edge of America”

Cave Mode Shake – “This Is It”

The Mad Gear – “Gremlins 2 Office Theme”

Levi J Miller – “This Is Yr God Speaking”

Diatom Deli – “Sonrisa”

Cosmic Collective – “Wiggity Wack”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Thelma and the Sleaze by Adrienne Battistella.

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