336: We’re Back

336: Molly Martin

To be totally honest, 2023 has been kicking my ass so far. I won’t bore you with the details but plenty of other things have been requiring my attention for most of the month and this show fell by the wayside. Don’t you worry tho, it bugged me every single day that there wasn’t a new WOTT Music episode until now!

So much great new music already released. This episode we’ve got 16 new tracks queued up for you and a backlog that is already growing at a healthy rate. Making new episodes will be no problem if we keep up this pace.

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We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town: Music
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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

The Features
“33 1/3”

Molly Martin
“I Know You Think That Its Not You “

Gardening Not Architecture
“Be Here Now”

Daisha McBride
“Birthday “

Ron Obasi

“Like Rivers”

“The Moralist”

Body Cam

“The Mellow”

Soft Robot
“Silent Eruption”

Ariel Bui
“Real Fantasy”

Honey Dagger
“This I Wish”


Dee $ouf
“400 degrees “

“Tool Time Type Beat”

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