335: The Eight Hour 2022 Celebration

TLDR: We put together 8 hours of great music from 2022 and decided to simply share it all. Enjoy!

This episode of the show we may have gone off the deep end a little bit. You see, in years past we’ve put together a playlist of some of our favorite songs of the year and then let the ole iTunes select 15 to 20 tracks as a representation of the year. There was always a massive playlist to pick from but it seemed like playing every song was just too daunting of a task.

…But this year, we decided – why not share the whole thing? There are a lot of options of media to partake in and listening to an eight hour long music podcast is probably not going to rank at the top of your list but that’s not really the point. This show is meant to serve as documentation of the Nashville music scene during a period of time. What better way to capture that than by playing an insanely long, incredibly diverse, immensely satisfying playlist?

As a bit of a caveat, we’re not a fan of BEST OF lists. There’s literally no way to say what artist or song was better than any other artist or song. Aside from the weird competitive nature of such a mindset, there’s literally just no way to *hear* everything that came out in a year. This playlist is fantastic but it’s incomplete. This isn’t holistic in terms of genres. Nor is it holistic in terms of what may have been the quote unquote BEST track from a given artist or release. It’s a massive, SUBJECTIVE, selection of songs. It does a damn good job of capturing 2022 but it isn’t everything. Despite that, let this be a jumping off point for you to learn more and find even more music from these artists if you enjoy them.

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We Own This Town: Music
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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

The Playlist:

The Sewing Club – “Cool Girl”
The Protomen – “The Fight”
JORDAN Xx – “Waiting on a Blessing ”
twen – “Automation”
Caitlin Rose – “Nobody’s Sweetheart”
Heaven Honey – “Kicks”
Volunteer Department – “Swell”
Berlue – “going nowhere”
Rock Eupora – “Can You Feel The Weight?”
Joe Kenkel – “Sweeping”
Lou Turner – “Big Ole Head”
Bats – “We all miss football season”
Julia Gomez – “Aren’t We All So Incomplete”
Gardening, Not Architecture – “Come Out”
Erin Rae – “Modern Woman”
Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears – “Saturday Drive”
Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection – “Kingdom Weather”
DeRobert & The Half-Truths – “We Party”
Vyrgo & DJ C-Dub – “Outside ”
Cold Lo #BEATS – “pray without ceasing.”
CA$H BONU$ – “Joy & Pain”
Daisha McBride – “No Love ”
Tennessee State University featuring ChurchPpl, Dallas Austin, Sir the Baptist and Jekalyn Carr – “Dance Revival”
Amber Woodhouse & Wilderwater – “Biggest Little Secret”
Lauren McClinton & Tim Gent – “Make Up”
$avvy – “GO!”
Mike Floss – “Born In The Dark ”
King Coogi – “In Motion ”
SuMo Dope – “NightWinG ”
VibeOut. & Namir Blade – “Life Aint What It Seems ”
Dee $ouf & Burm – “Eagle’s wings ”
Hew G – “I Got It”
See You Next Year, Terry Presume, & Mike Dean – “Loner”
Reggie B – “In My Nature feat. Marcus Machado”
Jyou – “nest ”
BeHoward – “WTS”
2’live Bre – “Put The Work In”
Pretty Shy – “Spoil Me ”
Virghost – “Levels (feat. Soulman Snipes)”
Crave On – “Day of the Dead”
Palm Ghosts – “Love Is All Right”
Passion Fruit Boys – “Glad You Came”
Dungeon of Skeletons – “Run Towards It”
Shane Perry – “Hot Dog”
The Medium – “No Highway Cowboys”
Robyn Hitchcock – “Midnight Tram to Nowhere”
Basic Printer – “IGF ”
Girlhouse – “paul blart mall cop ”
Blood Root – “Remind Me”
MT Vice – “blue boy”
Tayls – “Universe Is Crumbly”
Dillon Watson – “Love Me Do”
Crumbsnatchers – “One Call”
Ornament – “Pay-Per-View Display”
Kyle Hamlett Duo – “Expected Of”
Lambchop – “Police Dog Blues”
Louis Prince – “Ice Cream Island”
Lawndry – “Stuck in a River”
Qualls – “Ryan Montgomery ”
Six One Tribe – “Live in the Moment (ft. Corduroy Clemens, Ronni Raxx, Negro Justice) [Just Vibez]”
Six One Tribe – “Live in the Moment (ft. Corduroy Clemens, Ronni Raxx, Negro Justice) [Just Vibez]”
LUNAR – “FUCK THE FEDS [feat. Negro Justice and NoFace, Rapper]”
PETTY – “Don’t Be So Certain”
Namir Blade – “Mephisto”
Reaux Marquez – “CROWD CONTROL ”
kidDEAD – “The Man Who Lived Forever”
B. Stokes – “Still ”
Brian Brown – “Early Bird”
The Dozier Himself – “Newspaper (Red X Black X White) ”
R.A.P. Ferreira – “mythsysizer instinct (feat. Hemlock Ernst) (prod. Kenny Segal)”
Da Real A1yo – “Im on Dat ”
Dee Goodz – “I Got It ”
K.O.N & WowJus7in – “Dangerous (feat Jyou)”
The Nobility – “Cash That Check”
Love Montage – “Watchin’ Anime (Maybe We Can Just Be Friends)”
Safari Room – “Speak Slower”
Oblique Angle – “What Could Be”
Ohphelia – “Pockets”
The Reneaus – “Palm of My Hand”
Sundaes – “boys who made me cry”
MNTN – “to be free”
Sam Hoffman – “Mull It Over”
Thad Kopec – “Passing Out Zines”
Nate Nakshian – “Sleepyhead”
Smart Objects – “Something Happened”
Snooper – “Town Topic”
soccer mommy – “With U”
SONATORE – “American Boys”
Spirit Week – “Skin, It Burns”
Wilby – “Favorite Cowboy”
Venus & the Flytraps – “Boys Are Cuter When They’re Crying”
Paramore – “This Is Why”
daydream nathan – “ugly2”
Rolowhipp – “Raindrops”
vast ness. – “break.”
Emily Blue – “Me Without U”
Oral Sax – “Alarm Clock”
b l o o p r – “pescatarian tacos”
Super Brava – “Ocean Train”
Brainweight – “Beam me way up”
Makeup and Vanity Set – “The Monster Wakes”
Tabor Lake – “Victory is Mine”
ommahdi – “DRUNK”
AmiraTheWeirdo – “You To Save Me”
NGC 4414 – “Moons For Venus”
karson – “Ded”
Justin Shawn Hobbs – “Data Corrupter”
The Space Cadet Quintet – “Cocktails At The Alamo Lounge”
Mouth Reader – “Miss Cleo’s Time Warp”
Real Humans – “Body Count”
The F-use – “It’s Not Over”
*repeat repeat – “Aquarius”
Josh Rennie-Hynes – “Not the One”
Jessie Baylin – “Time is a Healer”
Peachy – “Waiting”
The Katies – “10 Holy Words”
Waxed – “Baker III”
Mortal Thrall – “The Calling”
Medusa’s Hairdresser – “Mister Stallion (Rape Factor II)”
Incursion – “Master Of Evil”
Black Market Dub & Wise Owl – “Destroy on Sight”
The Chewers – “Don’t Dance”
Dialup Ghost – “Cruelty, U.S.A.”
Trash Man – “Are You Glad I’m Gone?”
Casual Sects – “Wastin’ Daze”
Ryan Sobb and the Dead Mall – “Blood on the Tracks”
the mango furs – “Brain Drain”
Soot – “Oxendine”
Forget Cassettes – “The Catch”
Rich Ruth – “Older But Not Less Confused”
Glisster – “TOY”
Flesh Eater – “Elefantenrennen”
Zook – “Evergreen”
Total Wife – “Hello”
Thomas Luminoso – “Pluck”
Make Yourself At Home – “Whip”
I Could Live In Hope – “Judas”
Lighthouse Cult – “CAVE DWELLER”
Kentucky Derby Con Man – “Concrete / Forest”
Eve Maret – “Part Two”
faster is faster – “For Quigley Mars”

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