326: An Honorable Accolade

Many thanks to Michael Bleeds for the special Halloween extravaganza last episode. aside from it being a fun little dive into the deep, it also created a bit of a brand new backlog for this show to dive into. We’ve got 14 fresh local tracks coming your way in just a moment and plenty more on deck after that. So much to play for y’all!

Be sure to follow Pink Callies, Invitation Worldwide, Dialup Ghost, Daisha McBride, VibeOut, Tim Gent, Rolowhipp, Thomas Luminoso, *repeat repeat, Volunteer Department, badhippy, Oral Sax, Eve Maret, and Great Grand Sun for more updates.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town: Music
We Own This Town

New and notable releases from Nashville and surrounding areas.

Pink Callies
“Approx Nowhere”

Invitation Worldwild
“i like that (gimme gimme)”

Dialup Ghost
“Gun Thang”

Daisha McBride
“No Love”

“Life Aint What It Seems (feat Namir Blade)”

Tim Gent
“Get Down”


Thomas Luminoso

*repeat repeat


Oral Sax
“Alarm Clock”

Eve Maret
“Arc of Emotion”

Great Grand Sun
“Unconditional Love”