311: The Quality & Quantity Golden Combo

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Could have broken this episode into multiple shows or trickled these tracks out over time but why? Why do that to you? New music is absolutely pouring out of Nashville and you have our promise this playlist is full of quantity and quality.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

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“One Stop Shop”

Reaux Marquez

Brian Brown
“Early Bird”

Stone Deep
“Finger to the Forty”



Taylor Narain
“Simple Things Out of My Mind”

Jessie Baylin
“Thats the Way”

Julia Gomez
“Arent We All So Incomplete”

Heaven Honey
“Silver Souvenirs”

The Reneaus
“Hydrangeas In January”

Andrew Combs
“Anna Please” Video

Dom Marcoaldi
“Perfumed Memory”

Thad Kopec
“Passing Out Zines”

Kyle Hamlett Duo
“Expected Of”

Kaitlyn Raitz

Pure Land Stars
“Mountains are Mountains”

“Deflect and Surge”

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