310: Setting a Vibe

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For episodes ending in a zero or five, we like to do something a little different than our usual playlist. As this is 310, we’ve trying a bit of an experiment; a full playlist with no breaks and all of the music is instrumental and mostly leaning on the electronic side of things, tho not entirely.

This playlist is loads of great music but only a FRACTION of what we could have put together. We’re setting a vibe and that vibe changes throughout the duration of the show. The hope is that you’ll let yourself just set this episode as background music and let it be the soundtrack to your life for about an hour. Enjoy.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

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Ross McReynolds And Juan Solorzano
“Where Have You Been”

Kenneth Fleischman
“Hand Relief”

Cold Lo Beats



Oral Sax
“Falling Slowly”

Makeup And Vanity Set
“A Glowing Light, A Promise”

The Alphabet Zero

Vast Ness

Adrienne Franke
“Plans to Save”

Eyebrow Dog
“Super Treasure Hunt”

Cosmic Collective
“pretty cool opotomas”

“Go to Sleep”

sugar sk*-*lls
“Pearls Like Sand”

Rich Ruth
“Older But Not Less Confused”

Luke Schneider
“Lex Universum”

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