304: A Face Melting Introduction

On the last episode of the show, we went absolutely nuts with 19 tracks. This week, we’re pulling back a LITTLE but still going strong with 18 new tracks. All things being relative, it’s FEWER songs than last week but MORE SONGS than in general. Stay tuned for some delights courtesy of Qualls, Day-sha McBride, The Reanus, Blood Root, Morgan Bosman, The F-use and so many more. Real happy with the balance of new names and familiar names on this one.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

Andrew Adkins
“Broken Fangs”

“Going Nowhere”

Dru The Drifter
“What Do You Not Get”

The F-use
“Its Not Over”

“Count Up”

Namir Blade

Daisha McBride

Boo Syrup
“Keep Hustlin”


Casual Sects

Dru The Drifter
“Why Would I Wanna Be In Love”

King Lazy Eye
“Slow Burn”

Morgan Bosman

Blood Root
“Remind Me”

The Reneaus
“Midnight in Rewind”

“Log Boi”

The Northern Lights
“Moonbeam City”

Rich Ruth
“Taken Back”

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We Own This Town: Music
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