303: Going Absolutely Bonkers

Folks, I’m going to be honest with you. This week I’m going absolutely nuts. I was putting together the playlist for this episode and decided, to hell with it, it’s a PODCAST. Who says what format I need to stick to? 10 tracks? 15 tracks? *19* tracks? This show is whatever I want it to be and for this episode, I want to go absolutely bonkers. Stayed tuned for a mega playlist of great local music courtesy of Notelle, D Striker, Slow Pass, Mike Floss, $avvy, Gee Slab, Villin, Wulven, Chamber and so so many more. This isn’t even everything in the backlog! I’m just losing my mind over here with how much music there is to share. If you’re reading this, hello.

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“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.


D Stiker

“Push It Back”

Slow Pass
“Stay Fading”


Rock Eupora
“Can You Feel the Weight?”


Mike Floss

Gee Slab
“The White Couch”

“In Her Light”

Passion Fruit Boys
“Glad You Came”

Wilderwater X Kyshona
“Is That All You Got”


“Kings Breath”

Que Rico
“Chaka Essence”

The Alphabet Zero

Wulven X Jake Kroll
“Gloom Room”

“Cellophane Form”

Montauk Error
“No Food”

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