242: Making Good on Past Promises

In our last episode, we noted that we had a large backlog of great new local music to make our way through and it wouldn’t be unexpected if we published a secondary episode to catch up. Well, here we are! Another dose of great new music spanning a ton of genres and styles just a few days after giving you the same thing. This one is very different from the last one, so be sure to spend some time and click through in the links below to hear more where available.

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“Best Out”

“Get Over You”

Ballerina Jones


“Melt Lock Count Down”

DD Island
“Favorite Shirt”

Frank Samuel
“I Want To Feel Something”

“Intros Groove”

Julian Dente

Josephfiend (feat. OGTHAGAWD & Dee $ouf)
“Hall of Fame”

Quiet Entertainer
“Wishful Thinking”

“Rock Island”

Ken Sable
“American Dream”

Beats By J Merritt
“Johnnie Walker”

Thunder Music

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover Image: iNTRO.

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