235: Fresh Yet Familiar

By pure happenstance, we ended up putting together a playlist comprised entirely of artists that have been played on the show before in one form or another. That’s not to say we aren’t striving to hear all the NEW stuff out there but it just so happens a whole lot of the NEW stuff is from familiar names. We culled down a massive playlist to the 15 goodies you hear over the next hour but there’s plenty more to come. Enjoy another dose of phenomenal Nashville music.

As always, there’s more music from every artist on this show to be enjoyed so be sure to follow Tayls, Dungeon of Skeletons, Palm Ghosts, Mike Floss, Brian Brown, HGHR GRND / Quez Cantrell, Antler Shell, Les Ailes, Petty, The Chewers, Heavy Richard, Commander Keen, f_Forever, And the Boys and NGC 4414 directly for updates on their latest projects.

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“Scarlet Letter”

Dungeon Of Skeletons
“Gonna Be Alright”

Palm Ghosts

Mike Floss
“So Many Words”

Brian Brown

“Flowers (feat. Quez Cantrell, D.O.U.G.H., Bee Honey & Chris King)”

Antler Shell
“Change the Station”

Les Ailes
“Wrecking Ball”

“Through Your Mind (feat. Tim Gent & Gee Slab)”

The Chewers
“Twenny Twenny”

Heavy Richard
“Super Green”

Commander Keen
“Dark Age”


And The Boys
“My Favorite Song”

NGC 4414

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover Image: Les Ailes.

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