234: The Total Bangers Department

Every week this show proves the theory that Nashville’s local music scene is a rich and diverse tapestry of styles and genres that stretches well beyond the pigeonholed perceptions of Pop Country and Music Row. This week we may have managed to prove it even more than normal with tracks that hop between dark and psychedelic, breezily beautiful ambience, impassioned infectious pop, lofi R&B and loads more.

As always, there’s more music from every artist on this show to be enjoyed so be sure to follow Total Wife, The Gripsweats, Houston Kendrick, Louis Prince, Shvdowboy, Teddy Rose, Chino M. Dollaz, Yung Mush, MT Vice, Belly Fully of Stars and Lawndry directly for updates on their latest projects.

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Total Wife

The Gripsweats
“This City”

Houston Kendrick
“Look at Us”

Louis Prince
“The Number Thirteen”

“Matter of Time”

Teddy Rose
“Risk Over Reward”

Chino M Dollaz
“Altercation on Aisle 4”

Yung Mush

Pink Callies
“Do What You Want But Don’t Do It Here”

MT Vice
“It’d Be Nice”

Belly Full Of Stars
“Pattern 4”

“Out of Water”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music. Cover Image: Houston Kendrick.

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