230: Selections from the Randomizer Machine

We put together a playlist of 100 meaningful and memorable songs from 2020 and then let the Randomizer Machine choose a selection of those tracks for this episodes playlist. Great music in, great music out.

We refuse to call it a Best Of episode because we simply didn’t hear all of the music from 2020. No one did! It’s subjective of course but every song in our list was in heavy rotation at some point during the year, so there was no way for the Randomizer to pick something subpar. The experiment works.

Check the playlist links below for more music and be sure to follow Grumpy, Sister Kit, Heaven Honey, Savoy Motel, The Watchman & thaPoet, The Blam Blams, Liza Anne, Vast Ness, Juan Solorzano, Ryoki Center / Pale Apollo, Rich Ruth, Rashad Sylvester, Thunder Lily, Fu Stan, Daisha McBride and Namir Blade for updates direct from the artists.

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“Davey Jones”

Sister Kit

Heaven Honey
“Total Abandon”

Savoy Motel
“Crossword Puzzle”

The Watchman And ThaPoet
“The Ballad of Dick Gregory”

The Blam Blams

Liza Anne
“Bad Vacation”

Vast Ness
“Chronograph no 4”

“Cliff House Kids”

Juan Solorzano
“Your Eyes”

Ryoki Center
“New Leash”

Rich Ruth
“Zoomed Out”

Rashad Sylvester
“Let it Play”

Thunder Lily
“Sex is Laughter”

“On TV”

Fu Stan

Daisha McBride

Namir Blade

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music.

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