204: Ominous Romps and Pleasing Surprises

We’ve got a massive playlist of tracks to go through this week and we just dive right in. As usual, there’s a lot of genre hopping between tracks and I personally implore you to spend time with each of these full-length releases. You’ll thank yourself later.

Many thanks to Becca Mancari, Soft Bodies, The Watchman & thaPoet, Palace Ghosts, Rock Eupora, Brian Brown, nickybaby, Nightjar, Palm Ghosts, Katy Kirby for the contributions this week. Follow them to stay in the loop about new and upcoming releases.

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Becca Mancari

Soft Bodies
“Sun & Moon”

The Watchman And thaPoet
“The Ballad of Dick Gregory”

Palace Ghosts

Rock Eupora
“Dish Island”

Brian Brown


“Body Heat”

Palm Ghosts
“Holy Crown”

Katy Kirby
“Louder Than I Realized”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Becca Mancari.

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