203: Dipping into Doubles

This week, by some magical stroke of luck, the playlist came together in such a way that every two tracks works very well together. None of them are directly related to one another, nor are they necessarily related in genre but as doubles, they just fit. So, we’re playing two tracks back-to-back this episode. Bonus upside: it also means we get to have 10 tracks instead of our usual 9. Win win all around.

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“Benjis Freestyle”

Dos Cobros
“Space Wolf”

Houston Kendrick
“American Spirit Blues”

Ace Quaalude

Primary Sound

“I Don’t Want to Have A Conversation (Shut Up)”

Daisha McBride
“Galapagos Freestyle (feat. Byron Juane)”

Regional Overlord Sterling Silver
“Moving to a Higher Point”

Juan Solorzano
“Your Eyes”

Janell Rosa
“Don’t Tell Me”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover image: Daisha McBride.

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