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By just about weights and measures, reaching 200 episodes is a milestone worth celebrating but in regards to We Own This Town Music, a little context is important. This show, as you know it right now, is a weekly podcast showcasing new and interesting releases from the Nashville area. Given that it’s a WEEKLY show, you’d think that’d getting to 200 episodes would take, roughly, 4 years. However, the We Own This Town podcast hasn’t always been weekly. Far from it in fact. Truth be told, Episode Number 1 of this show came out in 2005. Sept 20, 2005 to be exact.

So, not only is this the 200th episode, it’s also a small celebration of fifteen years of documenting the Nashville music scene. As you’ll hear through the course of this episode, there have been some major ebbs and flows in the coverage we’ve provided but we’ve, pretty much, been consistently at it for well over a decade.

In celebration of some 15 years of coverage, we take a little trip back in time from the beginning to now. A single song from each year of our coverage is contained within this episode but it’s an impossible task to feel like it’s anywhere close to holistic coverage. There’s just so much good music coming out of our scene every single year that covering 15 years in a single episode is a fool’s errand in. That said, I went on that errand anyway. These songs are meaningful to me, (Michael Eades), which is to say they may not be reflective of who was the most popular band at the time but as far as I’m concerned, these songs all hold up. It’s a wonderful playlist.

Thank you to Doug Lehmann for the creation of We Own This Town and thank you, the listener, for tuning in. We look forward to another 200 episodes of promoting our fantastic city.

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Ole Mossy Face
“Calls and Walls”

How I Became The Bomb
“Secret Identity”

The Privates

And The Relatives
“Cowboy Jazz”

Those Darlins
“Hung Up on Me”

James Wallace And The Naked Light
“Colored Lights”

D Watusi
“High School Girl”


“No Ones Gonna Know”

Dave Cloud And The Gospel Of Power

“The Search / Rare Love”

“Feel the Same”

“Rich Boy”

Faux Ferocious
“Price of Progress”

Heaven Honey
“Total Abandon”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music


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