199: On the Precipice of a Milestone

Before we get to the milestone 200th episode, we’re going to leverage Episode 199 for two purposes: first and foremost, to bring you some new local Nashville music that you need to be aware of AND secondly, to play some tracks that have been on the docket for awhile but, for whatever reason, just didn’t fit at that specific time. A bit of housekeeping to ensure those songs are logged into the unofficial WOTT archive.

As we note every week, there’s more great music from all of these artists and you’d be wise to follow them on your streaming platform of choice and on the various social media outlets; staying informed on local music does a body good. That said, seek out Coach, The Blam Blams, Emma Swift, The Dune Flowers, The Whole Fantastic World, Great Grand Sun, Dreamer Boy, bloopr and M Rich Ruth at your earliest convenience.

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321 Famous
“We Are the Ones”

The Blam Blams
“Throwaway Lines”

Emma Swift
“I Contain Multitudes (Bob Dylan)”

The Dune Flowers
“Sea of Love (Phil Phillips)”

The Whole Fantastic World
“To The Lives And Loves We’ve Known”

Great Grand Sun
“Sex Magick”

Dreamer Boy
“Puppy Dog”

“Negative Gain”

M Rich Ruth
“Imperial Earth”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Emma Swift.

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