196: Achievement Unlocked

Many thanks again to Lance Conzett,Caroline Bowman, Olivia Ladd, Kathryn Edwards and Mike Shepherd for joining on last weeks episode. Always nice to get some human interaction and a new viewpoint on local music to be aware of.

That said, this week we get back to basics – local music dug out from various Bandcamp offerings, social feeds and other tipoffs. It was extremely difficult to par down the list this week to a reasonable offering and we still ended up with ten tracks. A tornado followed by a pandemic isn’t keeping Nashville Music down!

This episode contains selections from and Bully, Dirty Fuss, John Davis, Basic Printer, Dialup Ghost, Fogged, JOTA ESE, Le F, Dream Wave and Nugatory. Dive in with the links below to hear more or follow each artist for future notifications about new offerings.

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“About a Girl (Nirvana)”

Dirty Fuss
“Hold Your Holster”

John Davis
“Nothing Gets Me Down”

Basic Printer
“Die Tonight (Smart Objects)”

Dialup Ghost
“Along Alright”


Jota Ese
“Revenge, Pt 1”

Le F
“Run For your Life (The Beatles)”

Dream Wave
“Sky Tour”

“Suburban Goth”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music


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