195: Special Edition Roundtable Curation

Much like birthdays, if it ends in a zero or a five, we like to do a little something extra special. This episode we reached out to a number of different guest curators to catch up on how quarantine life is treating them and to hear two song selections from their personal rotations. It felt great to reconnect with some reall live human beings, even if it was through a Zoom meeting.

We will hear from photojournalist and friend-of-the-show Lance Conzett, Cold Lunch Recordings and Heartstrings Nashville founder Caroline Bowman, Bandsplainer host Olivia Ladd, DRKMTTR founder Kathryn Edwards and local music historian Mike Shepherd. Those titles don’t really do full justice to all of the great work these folks have done for Nashville over the years but, hey, it’s an introductory paragraph – you get the gist!

This episode contains selections from Frank the Fuck Out, JEFF the Brotherhood, Heinous Orca, Microwave Mountain, Lilly Hiatt, Country Westerns, Husband Stitch, Fucked Ethos, The Carter Administration and Fun Girls from Mt. Pilot. Tune in to find out why.

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Frank The Fuck Out
“White Dynamite”

JEFF the Brotherhood

Heinous Orca
“Mighty Mike”

Microwave Mountain
“Badass Bitch”

Lilly Hiatt
“Candy Lunch”

Country Westerns

Husband Stitch

Fucked Ethos
“Retro is Poison”

The Carter Administration

Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot
“Hold a Grudge”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: The Smokeshows.

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