171: Fighting the Winter Malaise

This week we cull a playlist of tracks that should help fend off the impending winter malaise. No doctor will tell you this but the best way to alleviate seasonal affective disorder is with local music*. We’re here to help.

We’re also sponsoring a show! Come celebrate Ten Years of YK Records on Saturday, November 23rd at Mercy Lounge + High Watt. Performances by Hotpipes, The Mute Group, The Robe, Tower Defense, New Man, Black Bra and Fetching Pails are all lined up and you won’t wanna miss a moment of it. Tickets on sale now, just $8 if you buy beforehand!

Check the links below for more music from Hotpipes, Ace Quaalude, Jessica Breanne, QATS, Mini Meltdowns, Mischa Lively. Always a good idea to check out more from each to these artists.

* Not true.

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Hotpipes – “Ohio Will”

Ace Quaalude – “Mirrors”

Jessica Breanne – “Alabama”

QATS – “Vocabulary”

Mini Meltdowns – “I Wanna Die”

Mischa Lively – “More”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Jessica Breanne.

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