170: Gentle Brutality

To commemorate 170 episodes of WOTT Music, we did absolutely nothing different from a regular episode. The wild diversity of styles that naturally emerged in our selection process serves as perfect evidence to our ongoing theory that Nashville deserves recognition for so much more than Music Row. What could be a better way to prove our city is a cornucopia of genres than a half hour of exactly that? Nothing, that’s what.

Enjoy these stunning selections ranging from psychedelic pop to brutal metal to vaporwave to alt country (and more) courtesy of Slush, Tummyache, All We Seabees, Odon, Kent Osborne, Forest of Tygers, PK Waves and The Swells.

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Slush – “My Woman Kinda”

Tummyache – “Median”

All We Seabees – “Angles and Dangles”

Odon – “Do You Speak To You”

Kent Osborne – “Wrong Reasons”

Forest Of Tygers – “Promised Vessel”

PK Waves – “Godhead Sequence”

The Swells – “Show Me the Next Door”

“Main Theme” by Upright T-Rex Music

Cover Image: Forest of Tygers.

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