Nashville’s Other Music Scene feat. Michael Eades

Michael Eades is the creator of the network that hosts us, and the host of a podcast of the same name. Michael’s show serves as an introduction to all sorts of music that touches or has roots in this city. In today’s episode, we talk music, Nashville, podcasts and how this network came to be.

I met Michael through a friend of a friend who had heard I was moving to the city and told me I absolutely had to meet him. I am glad I did, because Michael–who is very clearly interested in the city and devoted to its music–was extraordinarily generous with his time and when I told him on the spot that I had a podcast to pitch he was all ears.

Really, I can’t say enough good about Michael, this network of podcasts, and the crew of folks who make it all a reality. I’ve had the good fortune to hand and spend time with these folks and they have certainly made this new guy feel welcome.

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