Nashville Demystified

“New Nashvillian” Alex Steed uses being a total outsider as an excuse to unearth the city’s rich history.

Lucy’s Legacy: Talking Lucy’s Record Shop with Mary Mancini

Talking with Mary Mancini about about the legacy of Lucy’s Record Shop, the punk and “alternative” music venue of 90's Nashville.
Posted: Mon April 25, 2022

Kevin Guthrie Won’t Tell You He’s an Artist

We talk with artist Kevin Guthrie about his time in Nashville and his development as an artist even though he gets a little weird about accepting the term.
Posted: Thu April 21, 2022

Getting Deep with Caitlin Rose

Talking with Caitlin Rose about music making, living with tricky brains, and being weird kids.
Posted: Thu December 9, 2021

Steven Hale on Nashville’s Record Number of Overdoses

Journalist Steven Hale joins for a chat about the opioid epidemic, fentanyl poisoning and how it has impacted Nashville.
Posted: Fri November 19, 2021

The Bell Witch Part 2: The Story, the Newspaperman and Some Theories

Behold! The second installment of our two part series on The Bell Witch.
Posted: Wed November 10, 2021

The Bell Witch Part 1: Stories About a Story

The CRT read on The Bell Witch that nobody asked for... but needs to be told.
Posted: Thu October 28, 2021

Craig Havighurst on The Station Inn and Venue Health

We talk with writer and journalist Craig Havighurst about the history of the Station Inn and its fate after the passing of owner JT Gray.
Posted: Fri May 7, 2021

And… We’re Back with Maggie Rose

Nashville Demystified RETURNS and catches up with the splendiferous Maggie Rose.
Posted: Fri April 23, 2021

Getting Sleazy with LG of Thelma and the Sleaze [Rebroadcast]

Rebroadcast: Alex Steed speaks with absolute force of nature Lauren Gilbert, aka LG, aka band center of gravity for Thelma and the Sleaze.
Posted: Wed September 16, 2020

Greetings From New Nashville: An Interview with Steve Haruch

We talk with writer, editor, and filmmaker Steve Haruch about his new book Greetings from New Nashville, a series of essays on how Nashville became the It City it is today.
Posted: Thu September 3, 2020

Christine “Teeny” Jarrett Was Wrestling’s Grand Dame

Christine "Teeny" Jarrett was Professional Wrestling’s grand dame. We get to know her rag to riches story by talking to her grandson and biographer Brennon Martin.
Posted: Fri August 21, 2020

Appreciating David Berman, Ascending Menthol Mountains

A cast of friends pay tribute to David Berman and Menthol Mountains; bringing his inspiring blog to life.
Posted: Thu August 6, 2020