Nashville Demystified

“New Nashvillian” Alex Steed uses being a total outsider as an excuse to unearth the city’s rich history.

To Space and Back with The Weird Sisters

Nashville Demystified gets too stoned interviewing The Weird Sisters, so they turn their chat into a sound collage.
Posted: Wed January 15, 2020

Sean Nelson is Back in Nashville, Everybody!

Sean Nelson is a writer / music journalist / haver-of-opinions / singer / musician best known for his published works in The Stranger and as member of the band Harvey Danger.
Posted: Wed January 8, 2020

Anthony Simpkins of GemsOnVHS

Anthony Simpkins runs the popular YouTube channel, GemsOnVHS. We talk genre, curation and the empathetic power of music.
Posted: Wed December 18, 2019

Phoebe Hunt, Mystical Indie Folkie

Phoebe Hunt is a fiddler, singer/songwriter and yogi. She came to Nashville by way of Brooklyn by way of Austin and we talk about everything from music-as-a-healing-force to [...]
Posted: Thu December 5, 2019

Maya de Vitry Adapts

Singer-Songwriter Maya de Vitry speaks on her experiences finding herself as a solo artist, the benefits of working at Starbucks and breaking out of the bubble of Nashville.
Posted: Wed November 27, 2019

Talking Motown Monday and Mortality with Jacob Jones

Alex Steed speaks with Jacob Jones; one of the DJ's behind internationally acclaimed dance party Motown Monday.
Posted: Wed November 13, 2019

Mercy Bell / Remembering Acuff’s Run for Governor

Host Alex Steed takes us through the time Roy Acuff ran for governor and then speaks with pop-folk, or folk-pop, or pop-alt-country artist, Mercy Bell.
Posted: Wed November 6, 2019

Erin Rae’s guide to Nashville, Boundaries and Antiques

Erin Rae is a musician based here in Nashville. She is a delight. Here she shares her history in the town, insights on establishing boundaries as a working musician, and tips [...]
Posted: Thu October 24, 2019

Bebe Buell is a Force of Nature

She is one hundred percent personality. She has *lived.*
Posted: Wed October 9, 2019

Getting Sleazy with LG of Thelma and the Sleaze

Alex Steed speaks with absolute force of nature Lauren Gilbert, aka LG, aka band center of gravity for Thelma and the Sleaze.
Posted: Wed September 25, 2019

When Mother Teresa Came to Nashville: The NunBun Remembered

Alex takes time to remember Nashville's most infamous pastry, Bongo Java's NunBun.
Posted: Wed September 18, 2019

Tennessee’s Death Penalty with Journalist Steven Hale

Steven Hale, journalist for the Nashville Scene, talks with Alex Steed about Tennessee’s death penalty and his coverage of it.
Posted: Wed September 11, 2019