Nashville Demystified

“New Nashvillian” Alex Steed uses being a total outsider as an excuse to unearth the city’s rich history.

The Nashville Flame and other 1980s Fever Dreams [Rebroadcast]

Before taking you down a fever dreamy rabbit hole of 1980s Nashville, Alex delves into the legend of the Nashville Flame—a friend of other-worldly humanoids and foe to [...]
Posted: Wed July 29, 2020

Tony Alamo, Susan Alamo, Cults and Sequined Jackets: A Conversation with Author Debby Schriver

We talk Tony Alamo, the children of his cult, the horrible act befallen to his wife, Susan Alamo through a conversation with author Debby Schriver.
Posted: Fri July 17, 2020

Tristen Talks Please Vote Nashville and Civic Engagement

Tristen Gaspadarek talks with Alex Steed about the origins of Please Vote Nashville how being a DIY musician overlaps with civic engagement.
Posted: Fri July 17, 2020

Marlene Twitty-Fargo is a Foul-Mouthed Angel

Marlene Twitty-Fargo is the drag persona of Tim White, leader of the band The Twat Biscuits and is a ton of fun.
Posted: Wed July 8, 2020

Nick Gulas was Nashville’s King of Wrestling

As a teenager in 1920s Birmingham, Alabama, Nick Gulas left his job at a bakery to learn the ropes (pun intended) of working in the wrestling business. Once he knew a thing or [...]
Posted: Wed July 1, 2020

Rabid Dogs, Spanish Flu and Acid Attacks: 1918 Was Wild

A Spanish Flu adjacent episode in which pieces from the Tennessean from that time are visited.
Posted: Wed May 6, 2020

Sex in the Time of COVID-19

I took a break from heavy stuff this week to talk sex in the isolation age with Tessa Lowe of Primrose Path Boutique.
Posted: Thu April 2, 2020

The 1998 Nashville Tornados: Dark, Mile-Wide Wall

A piece about the day of the 1998 tornado itself. K-Ci & JoJo were huge and the winds were catastrophic.
Posted: Thu March 19, 2020

The 1998 Nashville Tornados: The Invisible Hand

Part 1 of a three part miniseries about the 1998 Nashville tornadoes.
Posted: Thu March 12, 2020

Music City Tales from the 1980s: Lower Broad and the Ascendance of the High Class Drunk

How did Lower Broad manage to ascend into a tourist destination in the later half of the Reagan Era? Also, a few words about that fucking tornado.
Posted: Thu March 5, 2020

Music City Tales… Companion: Deporting Sex Workers, Legalizing Prostitution and Bombing Strip Clubs

A bit about sex work during the Civil War and some unbelievable tales about The Classic Cat II, Nashville’s longest running, and probably most storied, strip clubs.
Posted: Wed February 26, 2020

Music City Tales from the 1980s: Meet Hoot Jackson [Lower Broad Part I]

How Lower Broad went from being the sort of place most folks didn’t engage with after dark to becoming a budding tourist destination.
Posted: Thu February 20, 2020