Monks of March: Chartreuse

Liquid Gold finally dives into the wonderful world of Chartreuse, an alchemical elixir with 130 ingredients, made by Carthusian monks at the foot of the Grand Chartreuse mountains in France. Mike talks to cocktail correspondent Jess Backhus about the joys and complexities of Green Chartreuse and some amazing cocktail recipes to enjoy it with. They also discuss a day in the life of a Carthusian monk.

Mike checks in with Kenneth for a discussion on Yellow Chartreuse and a few of the hundred-years old cocktails that are still made today. Also, is Kenneth one of the only people alive who has tasted the rarest of the rare: White Chartreuse? Hear the story of international intrigue, Saudi princes speaking Italian, and taking $1,000 shots in a glitzy club in Marseille.

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