Cold Brew and The Renaissance with Chris Crofton

To kickoff Season 3, Mike gets jacked on cold brew with none other than Nashville renaissance man Chris Crofton. They discuss his breakthrough 2018 album, the gift of sobriety and how a primitive form of cold brew lead to the Renaissance Era in Europe. Then they discuss the state of comedy and pairing coffee drink orders with B and C list celebrities. Kenneth checks in with a Booze News™ covering everything from KISS making their own rum in Sweden, another check-in with the royal family, and how marijuana grown in Napa Valley might affect the taste of wine in the region.

Finally, Matt Campbell, formerly of Robert’s Western World, reads an excerpt from Lost Spring: How We Cocktailed Through Crisis, the ebook to benefit TN Action for Hospitality.

Order Lost Spring: How We Cocktailed Through Crisis on Amazon.

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Music by Upright T-Rex Music.
Logo by Jess Machen

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