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Two smart women discuss who is hot, and why. A podcast from Jamie Bradley & Ashley Spurgeon.

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Trash Hotties: Thrilled But Not Proud

An episode filled with absolute trash. No attraction shaming here but these hotties give even our hosts pause. From the King Tut Pubic Mound of Facial Hair on Dave Navarro to [...]
Posted: Tue April 16, 2019
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All Around the Zodiac Wheel with Madame Rose

Ashley and Jamie consult with their Astrologer Madame Rose to traverse the Zodiac Wheel in search of the best hotties.
Posted: Mon March 4, 2019

Bag of Hotties Deep Dive: Libel is the Goal

Joseph Mazello, Sam Neil, the Blair Witch Witch, Barbarella, Sam Malone, Drag Queen Tucks, O-T Fagbenle, Agent Dana Scully, Angela Bassett, Kim Fields, Raul Julia, Oscar [...]
Posted: Mon February 18, 2019

When Animals Attack with Tracy Walnut

Ashley and Jamie make good on a pre-Season 2 promise to themselves, an episode all about When Animals Attack. Fabio, Phil Bronstein, Komodo Dragons, Nude Bears, Caiman [...]
Posted: Mon February 4, 2019

Wynonna’s Crystal Spider: A Tribute to Pop Divas

Ashley and Jamie to discuss their Favorite Divas; including Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande, Jessie J, Madonna, Beyonce, Tina Turner, Dolly Parton, Cher, MTV Cribs, Redman, [...]
Posted: Mon January 21, 2019

Based on a Book Kurt Cobain Read

All Killer, No Filler with Ashley and Jamie as they concentrate on who's hot and why. From Ben Whishaw to rapper bbymutha to vintage TV performances to a deep dive into hot [...]
Posted: Mon January 7, 2019

The Annual Cookie Crawl with Alex Caress

A holiday extravaganza with Alex Caress, aka Little Bandit, takes Jamie and Ashley into a discerning look at Muppet Family Christmas, Love Actually and some questionable [...]
Posted: Mon December 10, 2018

Gen Z: They Should All Carry Knives

In this episode, Ashley and Jamie take on the entirety of Gen Z by providing lively insights on everything from the awe-inspiring Emma Gonzalez & David Hogg, to the downright [...]
Posted: Mon November 26, 2018

Not Your Choice, Jean-Luc with Larissa Maestro

Discussing the entirety of science fiction proved to be too much for one episode so Jamie, Ashley and Larissa stepped into a well timed wormhole to divide the conversation. [...]
Posted: Mon November 19, 2018

Jude Law Sex Robot with Larissa Maestro

Ashley and Jamie tackle the entirety of Science Fiction Hottness by employing some help from aficionado Larissa Maestro.
Posted: Mon November 12, 2018

Halloween in Halloween

Hott Minute Attorney Brooks A. returns to prevent Ashley and Jamie from letting this special Halloween episode get too spooky. The trio plays a rousing round of Smash, [...]
Posted: Mon October 29, 2018

Consensual Kink at Scale

Deep adoration for Genesis, Jenny Slate and a whole bunch of Sports Hotties.
Posted: Mon October 15, 2018
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