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Two smart women discuss who is hot, and why. A podcast from Jamie Bradley & Ashley Spurgeon.

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Hott Hanukkah: Tom Petty and Gary Shandling in Heaven with Roseanne

Happy Hanukkah! Any Patinkin you thinkin' of may show up!
Posted: Thu December 10, 2020
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The Man, The Myth, The Legend, My First, My Last, My Everything: Maury Povich

Our quarantine setup continues with Jamie polling the masses for their horny responses to various prompts and getting Ashley’s raw reactions to the results. This episode [...]
Posted: Fri October 30, 2020

FMK: Count Chocula, Frankenberry, Boo Berry

Hott Minute turn their eyes to the Capitalist Hellscape we live in by measuring up the hotties in Advertising Icons.
Posted: Thu October 1, 2020

Shoulda Come to the Twitch Stream, Loser

Would you ride in the way back of a church van with Jude Law? Would you let Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes burn down your house? Would you let Charlize Theron do your eyebrows?
Posted: Fri August 28, 2020

A Face Like a Panini: A Hott Minute Bag of Hotties Deep Dive

Back in March, Hott Minute recorded a deep dive into the various Bags of Hotties at their disposal (Regular Bag, Sitcom Bag, Halloween Bag and more). The impact of the [...]
Posted: Tue July 28, 2020

First Annual 2020 Tall Brawl Bracket: Big Boy Melee

Introducing the First Annual Tall Brawl Bracket: 2020 Big Boy Melee! In the grand tradition of absurd Hott Minute undertakings, Ashley and Jamie have hand selected sixty-four [...]
Posted: Thu March 12, 2020

How to be Shitty and Get Ahead: A Succession Primer

Ashley and Jamie opine on HBO's Succession, a show about beloved assholes.
Posted: Thu February 20, 2020

Absolute Balls Out Nonsense: Hiatus Hotties

In the year 2020, two brave heroes face a strange new world teeming with undiscovered hotties! These are the new adventures of Jamie and Ashley, this is Hott Minute, Season Three!
Posted: Thu February 6, 2020

Trash Hotties: Thrilled But Not Proud

An episode filled with absolute trash. No attraction shaming here but these hotties give even our hosts pause. From the King Tut Pubic Mound of Facial Hair on Dave Navarro to [...]
Posted: Tue April 16, 2019

All Around the Zodiac Wheel with Madame Rose

Ashley and Jamie consult with their Astrologer Madame Rose to traverse the Zodiac Wheel in search of the best hotties.
Posted: Mon March 4, 2019

Bag of Hotties Deep Dive: Libel is the Goal

Joseph Mazello, Sam Neil, the Blair Witch Witch, Barbarella, Sam Malone, Drag Queen Tucks, O-T Fagbenle, Agent Dana Scully, Angela Bassett, Kim Fields, Raul Julia, Oscar [...]
Posted: Mon February 18, 2019

When Animals Attack with Tracy Walnut

Ashley and Jamie make good on a pre-Season 2 promise to themselves, an episode all about When Animals Attack. Fabio, Phil Bronstein, Komodo Dragons, Nude Bears, Caiman [...]
Posted: Mon February 4, 2019
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