Absolute Balls Out Nonsense: Hiatus Hotties

“In the year 2020, two brave heroes face a strange new world teeming with undiscovered hotties! These are the new adventures of Jamie and Ashley, this is Hott Minute, Season Three!”

After nine months away, our illustrious hosts – Ashley Spurgeon and Jamie Bradley – spend some time catching up on hotties they missed during the hiatus. It’s been a long time since they crushed together but they don’t miss a beat covering the likes of Young Harvey Fierstein, Daniel Craig, BD Wong, Scoot McNairy, the Russian Period Drama Life of a Mistress and the always reliable Rami Malek.

The Bag of Hotties has been continuously taking entries and this episodes draw yields thoughts on Jackie Chan, Spinderella, 2018 Johnny Depp, Donald Glover, tall man Winn Butler and the stunningly perfect Cate Blanchett.

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