Thad Kopec – “First Light Landing” (Official Video)

Back in March, Thad Kopec released an excellent album entitled Center. We loved it. In support of that release, he’s now released a video for the track “First Light Landing.”

The video plays nicely with the album art, focusing on the beauty of various plant life, intermixed with quiet moments inside a home, riding a bike at night or of a contemplative Kopec himself. Zooming out further, this aesthetic touches on the ethos of the album itself; mixing the organic feel of plant life with more modern amenities. That may be taking things a step too far in terms of presumed artistic intent but it’s simply a kind of way saying, this all gels together as a nice whole package.

If nothing else, let the video serve as an entry point to listening to the whole record, which is an excellent experience from top to bottom and best consumed in its entirety.