Stevie Kin – “Tough” (Official Video)

There’s a definitive dream vibe to the latest Stevie Kin video for “Tough”, taken from her May 3rd release Petals. The grainy, black-and-white piece is a simple affair, putting Kin in a barren field with a roaming light casting a wandering shadow as she slowly dances in an oversized suit David Byrne would be proud of.

The song is deceptively simple, consisting of a lonesome guitar strum, some light percussion and Kin’s detached voice. Throughout the track there are small flourishes of chimes, keyboards and mysterious wooshes that all further contribute to the mystery of the song.

The forthcoming release was recorded in South Africa over a two week period and leverages a good deal of home recordings and overdubs, giving it a layered yet DIY vibe. There’s not a lot of information to know beyond that at this time but, come May 3rd, we’ll find out plenty more.