Gram Ash – “How To Indie Rock”

Last we heard from Gram Ash he had released his Welcome to the Elevator EP and seemed to be exploring some dark, psychedelic territory. It seems he may have emerged from that place with some new tricks up his sleeve.

How to Indie Rock; An Instructional Guide” is a snarky piece of work. Formatted like an instructional podcast, Gram Ash takes you through all the overused elements of popular indie songs and builds them all together, resulting in “Summer Porch” – a song that is, unsurprisingly, pretty catchy.

Are they making fun of the tropes of Indie Rock? Are they making fun of themselves? Are they hilariously pointing out the obvious? Maybe a little bit of all three.

They’ve already followed this one up with another track, so it’s clear that this How To is not a sign of the band’s resentment towards music but, rather, a welcome re-introduction that they’re back with new stuff.

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