Gram Ash – Welcome to the Elevator

Last we heard from Gram Ash, aka Wyatt Whit, was his Grape Lung EP, a pleasant exploration of psychedelia. Now, just a scant two months later, he’s released a follow-up EP, Welcome to the Elevator.

In terms of genre, he’s exploring similar territory with psychedelic style vocals and some brooding, tension build drums but he’s gone darker. That’s not to say that this EP is heavier or more riff based but the content and execution is decidedly more deranged. Like an acid trip veering off course, the vocals ripple with derangement, sounds swirl in and out and you’re pulled further down the rabbit hole.

There’s a decidedly more uplifting tone to the final track, which is a welcome emergence from the path previously traveled. All and all, it’s a well crafted experience that keeps you listening through the duration… and that’s no easy task these days.