Eve Maret – No More Running (Deluxe Edition)

Electronic musician Eve Maret recently re-issued her 2018 debut album, No More Running, as a Deluxe Edition version; which includes three new tracks from the original.

We were already huge fans of the first issue release. There’s a vintage feel to the whole endeavor that’s filled with spacey sounds, hypnotic beats, a meditative pace and vocoded vocals that, surprisingly, give it a human element. The three new tracks continue that thread but with subtle hints of growth and things to come. They don’t stand out explicitly as new tracks but lightness of “Pink Ray”, the swirling keyboards of “My Own Pace” and heartbreaking execution of “Memoriam” are different than the somewhat darker tone of the rest of the record. Whereas the album previously ended with “Many Moons”, a somewhat noir and melancholy affair, we now have a new final act that could be heard with a more optimistic tone.

Maybe that’s reading too much into it? Maybe these tracks were b-sides all along and only saw the light of day because of the success of No More Running but I don’t believe that’s the case. These additions serve to tell the whole story of Maret’s debut into the world and it really is deluxe.