le skunk – Red Heat (The Songs of Jim Pang)

When we last heard from le skunk they had released their near-anonymous EP of infectiously catchy pop songs, Putter. Since that time it has become clear that le skunk is not a “they” but, rather, a singular entity. I’ll keep their identity shielded but it’s nice context to know this is an individual rather than a band.

With that in mind, the undertaking has released Red Heat (The Songs of Jim Pang), an EP of songs leaning much harder into the realm of folk and Americana influenced but not abandoning the pop sensibilities of the original EP. The songs are catchy, sure, but there’s also twinkling guitar on the title track “Red Heat” and an Elvis Costello like howl on “Stereo Night.”

le skunk is a bit of a mystery but it’s clear that there’s a diversity in the style of songwriting that makes them worth keeping an eye on.