Ornament – “Better Saturday”

Despite being only one song, there’s a lot to cover with this new release from Ornament. First and foremost, it’s the second official release from the band; available as a 7″ on the Official Memorabilia label. It hasn’t made its way to Bandcamp or Spotify yet but if you hit up DRKMTTR on January 18th, you can snatch it there. It’s safe to assume if you go see them on tour, you can get it at any of the shows.

More importantly, the song builds on the delightfully pleasant 60’s vibe they’ve come to perfect. It’s breezy, catchy, a bit melancholy and filled with subtle flourishes; a little bass highlight, some heavenly layered vocals and a one-off drum fill Ringo would envy.

Which brings us to the video; an ode to The Beatles if ever there was. It’s filled with goofy gags like the band eating beans and toast, running around in meaningless circles with sped up Super-8 footage, mugging at the camera and playing music together with the most positive energy one could muster. It’s not derivative nor heavy-handed, it’s a pleasant nod and absolutely fun. It’s worth watching thrice, at the very least.