Skyway Man with Teddy & the Rough Riders – “Aliens / Magic Sofa Reprise”

In early January, Skyway Man released a collaborative EP with Teddy & The Rough Riders entitled The Lagniappe Sessions (okay, it was really released in early December via Aquarium Drunkard but wasn’t on streaming services until 2019). The EP is four cover songs from the likes of Eliot Eidelman, The Faces, Big Kitty and an old one from Skyway Man himself, James Wallace. Yes, he covers himself.

The track for “Aliens / Magic Sofa Reprise” – two mashed together songs originally from Big Kitty – is now available as a wonderful 70’s style karaoke video. Skyway Man’s music has always had a vintage sci-fi skew to it, so these analog graphics, faux 3-D animations and low resolution imagery fits the vibe of the alien love song perfectly. I’m not clear on who contributed what to each track but the whole affair feels fleshed out and energetic in a different way than previous Skyway Man releases, so there’s clearly a wonderful collaboration happening here with Teddy & The Rough Riders.

Learn more about the video over on the Cream premiere page and then do yourself a favor and listen to the original songs from Big Kitty. “Aliens” is taken from A Legend in the Field of Entertainment and can be heard here, while “Magic Sofa” is taken from Recordings of Ferns, which can heard here. Once you’re done with all that, go listen to the full collab EP over on Spotify.