Adia Victoria – “Different Kind of Love”

Adia Victoria will release her next full-length record, entitled Silences, on February 22nd. We’ve heard “Dope Queen Blues” and seen a few teasers from the record but “Different Kind of Love” is the first full-on video we’ve been graced with.

You may have seen this over on the Cream already but it’s worth multiple viewings. The black-and-white piece emulates 60’s and 70’s television performances but there’s a wonderful mismatch between the somewhat innocent visual styles and the sinister tone of the song.

The combination of saxophones, crunchy guitars and foreboding vocals is very telling of a record entitled Silences, a phrase that undoubtedly speaks to the frustrations of being a marginalized voice. Full insight into the messages contained with the record will have to wait until late February but my money is on this record being an obvious candidate for year-end lists.