Weathertalk – Weathertalk

Making compelling music in the genre of Post-Rock is a tricky endeavor. The tenants of the music are well defined; plenty of quiet-to-loud crescendos, voluminous guitars and, often, instrumental. The risk of getting lost in a sea of bands doing the same thing is very high.

The full-length, self-titled release from Murfreesboro’s Weathertalk runs that risk of getting lost with eight songs of vocal-less post-rock. However, the outfit does a good job of differentiating themselves from the pack with some distinct flourishes of electronic instrumentation, an ability to integrate unique, surprising, changes and enormous walls of guitar when the moment calls for it. These things aren’t necessarily unique to the genre but the way they’re implemented here is fresh and memorable.

Aside from the band making quality music worthy of praise, it should be noted that the album art from Jen Regnart is also quite captivating; providing a fitting visual for the turbulent sounds that the band is capable of.