doo. – AstroBeing The Next Aion

I’m a sucker for many many things when it comes to music but if you’re album art is a highly stylized illustration of some celestial realm and your album title is some ambiguous reference to The Next Something or Other, I am going to be immediately intrigued. With that in mind, upon seeing the latest release from doo. with a cover depicting a saturated warrior type against a spacey background entitled AstroBeing The Next Aion, I was locked in.

Within the EP are four tracks of instrumentals pulsing along hip-hop beats and lathered in drawn out space-y keyboards. It’s certainly the kind of soundtrack you could put on for zoning out but it manages to be peppered with just the right amount of samples and somewhat ominous flourishes to keep it from being complete background noise.

If there’s an accompanying epic tale that goes with this, I wouldn’t be surprised but, for now, we’ll just have to leave it to our imaginations.