le skunk – Putter

Leveraging context clues, I’m going to say that le skunk is a new band just getting their feet wet. There’s a total of six songs available from them and zero additional information – no Facebook, no Twitter, nothing. Maybe this is intentional or maybe they’re still getting it together.

However, that shouldn’t be read as a condemnation but, rather, as an exciting prospect for what they’ve got in store. Their latest (and technically first) EP, Putter, starts off like a lost AC/DC track but quickly reveals itself as a brilliant dose of pop rock with garage sensibilities. Both “Nothing to Lose” and “One of a Kind” are catchy as hell with their subtle keyboards, call-and-response chorus and constant driving guitars.

It may just be six songs so far but the track record is impressive. Let’s hope we hear a lot more from this outfit, whoever they may be.