Makeup and Vanity Set – PRIS

Makeup and Vanity Set puts out a great deal of music; as of November 2017 he launched a subscription service that offers no less than seven full-length albums of content. That’s a lot of albums for six months. This fact that can often lead to the assumption that the quality of output does match the quantity. Fortunately that is not the case here.

PRIS, the latest offering to emerge from the subscription as a non-exclusive is largely dark and foreboding (as MAVS releases tend to be) but there’s a tone that is much less Horror Film and more Troubled Sci-Fi. The track Lover(s) exemplifies this subtle shift as it carries an overall lighter, almost optimistic, vibe that gets undercut by a sense of imbalance.

In general, original instrumental music can be tough to nail down when it’s not directly tied to a visual narrative because you’re literally relying on the sounds to tell you a story. Taking cues from the song titles and the change in vibe, there’s certainly a story being told with PRIS, it’s just up to you to unearth it.