Jonesiii from the Moon – “N y L”

About a year ago, we stumbled on Jonesiii from the Moon‘s The Moon is Watching Us, a collection of hip-hop songs with a dark and slow burn style.

He’s been following up the album with some one off singles, the latest of which is “N y L,” a proper companion to The Moon‘s style. I’m, admittedly, not the greatest resource for speaking on the good or bad attributes of hip-hop but Jonesiii has consistently delivered beats and lyrics that are a bit foreboding but mixing in some spacey or light element to keep it mysterious. Such is the case on “N y L”, a keyboard twinkle keeps and some legitimate singing keeps the song from going too far down the rabbit hole.

It should also be noted that the video is beautiful. Directors Hope Carter and Anime Sunset should be very pleased with their results here; as each shot is a well-framed, intentional, beautifully lit presentation.