The Pink Spiders – “Can’t Get Down Without You”

There hasn’t been a proper release from The Pink Spiders since 2008 (music nerds may point out a single released in 2011) and over the past year they’ve been teasing at a brand new full-length entitled Mutations, now set for release on July 31st, 2018. Three tracks from said album are now streaming on the various platforms – “Black Dagger”, “Easier Than Ever” and “I Can’t Get Down Without You.”

While all three tracks are surprisingly consistent with the bands sound the latest release is the “smoothest” of the three. The Pink Spiders sound has always dipped a toe (or a whole foot) into the waters of Pop Mall Punk but never fully turn their back on a straightforward rock song with an undercurrent of sexual energy and, dare I say, “groove” carrying it along.

Much like the alternate styles of “Mrs. Ruston” from Sweat It Out, the band is always growing, changing and mutating into something new. See what I did there?